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Featured Speakers

avatar for A.D. Carson

A.D. Carson

University of Virginia
avatar for Kalev Leetaru

Kalev Leetaru

Georgetown University
Senior Fellow, Center for Cyber & Homeland Security
avatar for Stephen Cartwright

Stephen Cartwright

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


avatar for Debra Andreadis

Debra Andreadis

Denison University
Library Deputy Director
avatar for Angie Beiriger

Angie Beiriger

Reed College
Humanities and Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Kate Boylan

Kate Boylan

Wheaton College
Director, Archives & Digital Initiatives
avatar for Jon Breitenbucher

Jon Breitenbucher

The College of Wooster
Director of Educational Technology
avatar for Ben Daigle

Ben Daigle

Five Colleges of Ohio
Associate Director of Consortial Library Systems
avatar for Brianna Derr

Brianna Derr

Bucknell University
Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Specialist for Video
avatar for Joshua Finnell

Joshua Finnell

Colgate University
Head of Research + Instruction

Mary C. Foltz

Lehigh University
avatar for Vika Gardner

Vika Gardner

Hampshire College
Research fellow, Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies
avatar for Matthew Gardzina

Matthew Gardzina

Director, Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Bucknell University
Director, Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship

Christopher Gilman

Occidental College

Justin Guzman

avatar for Jill Hallam-Miller

Jill Hallam-Miller

Bucknell University
Interim Director of Research Services and Information Literacy
avatar for Sarah Hartman-Caverly

Sarah Hartman-Caverly

Delaware County Community College
Asst Prof / Ref Lib
avatar for Jacob Heil

Jacob Heil

College of Wooster
Digital Scholarship Librarian, Dir. of CoRE
avatar for Dan Heuer

Dan Heuer

Bucknell University
Head of Discovery & Access Services
avatar for John Hunter

John Hunter

Senior Fellow
avatar for Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

University of Notre Dame
English Lit & Digital Humanities Librarian
avatar for Eric D. M. Johnson

Eric D. M. Johnson

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Head, Innovative Media
avatar for Megan Kudzia

Megan Kudzia

Michigan State University
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Mark D. LeBlanc

Mark D. LeBlanc

Wheaton College
Professor of Computer Science
avatar for Joan K. Lippincott

Joan K. Lippincott

Coalition for Networked Information
Associate Executive Director
avatar for Trina Marmarelli

Trina Marmarelli

Reed College
Director, Instructional Technology Services
avatar for R.C. Miessler

R.C. Miessler

Gettysburg College
Systems Librarian
avatar for Liz Milewicz

Liz Milewicz

Duke University Libraries
Digital Scholarship Services

Xu Minglu

Languages & Cultures
avatar for Megan Mitchell

Megan Mitchell

Oberlin College Library
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Courtney Paddick

Courtney Paddick

Bucknell University
Librarian for the Arts and Humanities
avatar for Alicia Peaker

Alicia Peaker

Bryn Mawr College
Digital Scholarship Specialist
avatar for Carrie Pirmann

Carrie Pirmann

Bucknell University
Social Sciences Librarian
avatar for Jim Proctor

Jim Proctor

Lewis & Clark College

Jacob Alden Sargent

Occidental College

Beth Seltzer

Bryn Mawr College
Educational Technologist
avatar for Megan Sheffield

Megan Sheffield

Clemson University
Data Services Librarian
avatar for Emily Sherwood

Emily Sherwood

Bucknell University
Assistant Director, Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship
avatar for Jeff Tolbert

Jeff Tolbert

Bucknell University
Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Scholarship
avatar for Tammy Troup

Tammy Troup

Bucknell University
Cataloging and Metadata Coordinator
avatar for Corrie Walton-Macaulay

Corrie Walton-Macaulay

Bucknell University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Mike Zarafonetis

Mike Zarafonetis

Haverford College
Coordinator for Digital Scholarship and Services
avatar for Scott Ziegler

Scott Ziegler

American Philosophical Society
Head of Technology